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March 2006 - Absolut Tracks

© March 2006 - Absolut Tracks By Bryen Dunn, Toronto -

Absolut Vodka has always been known as the trendy artsy vodka, right from that day in 1985 when they collaborated with Andy Warhol to create exclusive artwork for the label. They’ve since worked with many others in the art and fashion worlds, including Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gianni Versace and Kenny Scharf.

March 23rd was the official Canadian launch of their newest project, Absolut Tracks and specifically Absolut Kravitz, a venture into the music business with a recognizable internationally known personality. Legendary Lenny Kravitz agreed to write, produce and release his latest single exclusively via Absolut. “Breathe” is an excellent dance track that will likely be all over the airwaves this summer.

It’s yet another direction Kravitz has taken, as with all his other non-categorical releases. He’s quoted as saying, “I wanted something with a simple dance beat, ala Donna Summer’s I Feel Love”. I think he may have that down pat.The one stipulation when developing the song for Absolut was to incorporate the brands core values ~ clarity, simplicity and perfection.

Kravitz admits, “There’s nothing more simple, clear or perfect than the essence of true love. Once I’d felt that, the track just came.”What makes this release even more interesting is that it has already been remixed by 10 different artists, and all tracks are available for free download at Absolut Tracks, along with the video.

Not sure what the major labels are going to think of this approach, but Absolut seem to be once again on the leading edge of pop culture. The Canadian link to all this is a remix done by Montreal’s DJ-duo Chromeo, who performed their remix version at the launch party.

Other featured artists are from Australia, Germany, Mexico, the US, and China.The Launch was held at the Artcore Gallery in the Distillery District of Toronto.

Thanks to Absolut for their newest creations: Absolut Limelight, Apple Sweety, and Monsoon.

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