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April 2006 - 3 Needles Film Review

© April 2006 - 3 Needles Film Review By Bryen Dunn, Toronto -

If you’re a fan of movies with a poignant storyline, great cinematography, a bit of seriousness and some nun-sense, then grab your syringe and go for the plunge.

The plot carries itself well, spotlighting the plight of “the virus” as it transforms three continents into death camps.

Not all is dark and dim though, as the scenes with the three nuns in South Africa provides for some comic relief and a couple of great one-liners, such as “That baby was born early, now he’s always going to be impatient.” Young and rebellious Sister Clara (Chloe Sevigny) wants to make change and stops at nothing to succeed. Sister Hilde (Olympia Dukakis) and Sister Mary (Sandra Oh) also contribute strong performances.Jin Ping (Lucy Liu) sets up a blood donor clinic in rural China, acting as a blood-runner.

The Canadian connection has Denny (Shawn Ashmore) working in the porn industry, much to his fathers approval and mothers (Stockard Channing) chagrin.

Denny is in denial about “the virus” and does anything to avoid knowing.Canadian Director Thom Fitzgerald (Hanging Garden) does an amazing job of bringing the global reality of “the virus” to the forefront in this strong film with a stellar cast. Sit back, travel and think.

Opens April 21st - Check local listings for locations and show times – Running Time: 125 min.The opening scene shows a group of young African boys preparing themselves for manhood.

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