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April 2007 - Scooter Commuter

© April 2007 - Scooter Commuter By Bryen Dunn, Toronto,

Thinking of a different environmentally way to travel around the urban landscape? Do you find biking too risky, too dirty or too strenuous? Can’t afford to fill the gas tank on your vehicle these days? Perhaps it’s time to consider a scooter, one of the hottest emerging trends in these days of global warming. They are easy to maneuver within the city gridlock, you can travel great distances at minimal cost, and you look cool!

Founded in 1946, the Vespa brand has been recognized around the world as an icon of Italian design and style. With the 2007 launch of the LXV and GT60, Vespa continues to combine the elegance of classic design and vintage style with modern technical underpinnings.

The Vespa LXV was developed on the base of the 2005 Vespa LX series, which was conceived as a tribute to the 1960s—a decade that witnessed a social and cultural revolution marked by the emergence of youth, for whom the Vespa symbolized individual mobility and freedom.

Vespa’s GT60 is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the world’s most famous scooter. Sophisticated materials and customized elements have resulted in a unique limited-edition product that will surely be a landmark in Vespa history. Only 999 bikes were produced worldwide -- the most limited edition Vespa ever manufactured --- and Canada was allocated 50 units. Each GT60 is individually numbered and comes with a gift pack with Vespa memorabilia celebrating the 60th anniversary. This vehicle evokes the romantic, timeless appeal of Vespa by re-interpreting some of the typical design and technical elements of vintage Vespas of the 1940s and 50s.

2007 also marks the launch of Piaggio’s three-wheeled scooter, the MP3, the first of its kind. The two front wheels of this innovative three-wheeler redefine the very concept of ride stability, providing an unprecedented riding experience. The funky design and greater stability will appeal to both men and women. The three-wheeler will be available at authorized Vespa dealers beginning April 2007.

Drivers require a mini-version of the full fledged motorcycle license. A short written test followed by a road test, and you’re on your way to having fun, saving money and helping us all breathe a little easier.

The Toronto-based Canadian Scooter Corp. is the exclusive importer and distributor of new Vespa and Piaggio motor scooters in Canada. For more information visit

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