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August 2006 - Identity Crisis

© August 2006 - Identity Crisis By Bryen Dunn, Toronto

Do you know who I am? I’m having an Identity Crisis.

This appeared to be the words emanating from the mouths of the many individuals partaking in the excitement of the newest board game to hit the scene. Rock It Promotions recently held a launch party at the Drake Hotel recently as a pre-launch to the public sale of this new fun and interactive game that can be played almost anywhere, even within a bar.

This new game has the makings of success as the one of the partners is also the co-inventor of the highly successful Balderdash. The slick white box has the resemblance of the new age of technology (think Apple Macintosh). The inners are also cool and sleek, and the directions are actually quite simple…and only one page.

The creators came up with the game by playing with friends during house parties.

The premise is quite simple and it all just fell together quite naturally. Surf on over to for more information and a chance to try it before you buy it.

The game is currently available in various outlets throughout North America.

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