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March 2006 - Beastie Boys - (Da 3 Dudes)

© November 2006 - Da 3 Dudes By Bryen Dunn, Toronto -

Da 3 Dudes known as the Beastie Boys are trying the talents in film nowadays – well sort of. “AWESOME; I … SHOT THAT!” – it’s concert footage from their 2004 Madison Square Garden show taken by 50 concert-goers who were given cameras to film the Boys in concert, the fans, and anything else they felt like supposedly.

The result is a grainy-amateur-like 90 minute waste of time, visually anyway.I think this could prove rock stars do not equal film producers. I totally get what they were trying to accomplish, but let’s leave this for the amateurs and independents who don’t have corporate backing and therefore it’s an honest depiction of what they are capable of, not something “creatively” put together by professionals. To add to the hype, THINKfilm did a pre-release on March 23rd that was shown on close to 200 screens across North America.

This was preceded by the world premiere of “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF NATHANIAL HORNBLOWER,” a 30-minute short created specifically for this one-time event.This was quite the entertaining piece that followed Mr. Hornblower (David Cross – Arrested Development) through the streets of NYC doing his day-to-day activities while on his cross country skis – with no snow. He goes about his business dressed as a German Biermeister – not a leprechaun!

There were a couple of priceless lines such as when finishing his morning expresso – “It’s the elixir of the gods ~ a tiny cup of crystal meth”.FYI – Hornblower is a pseudonym for Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, who directed both flicks. THINKfilm states the short “will self-destruct right after it is presented on March 23rd, never to be seen again.”

This enterprise is the force behind independent and non-fiction film for the past four years, and future projects include the movie version of “Strangers With Candy”.”AWESOME; … I SHOT THAT!” hits theatres for its regular run on April 14, 2006.

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