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Everything to do with Sex Show Celebrates 10th Anniversary (Toronto)

Canada’s Hottest Adult and Consumer Show set for November 20-22 at the Direct Energy Centre

It’s that time of year again. Starting November 20th, The Direct Energy Centre will transform into a hotbed for romance, sensuality, sexuality and self improvement. This year marks the 10th Anniversary for the popular adult show, Everything to do with Sex Show

“We are very proud of how we have grown into one of the largest consumer romance shows in the world,” said Show Manager, Mikey Singer. “This year’s show will feature a wide-variety of informative seminars and the latest products guaranteed to stimulate the body and soul. In keeping with previous years, we will also showcase some of the best entertainment seen at any consumer show in Canada.”

Dozens of seminars and exhibitions will be on the spotlight during the three-day show and will answer everything you ever wanted to know about sex from how to find the perfect toy, to tips and techniques to improve and enhance your time in between the sheets.

Entertainment highlights on the main stage will include Northern Men Exposure, Aradia Fitness Pole Dance Competition, Coquette Lingerie Fashion Show, Belly Dancing, and various Cirque disciplines.

The Priape Dungeon Area, a demonstration area manned by volunteer members of the fetish community, will welcome back Dominatrix Viktoria who will entertain and educate those in attendance with a risqué presentation. Those in attendance will learn about what’s new and exciting in the BDSM communities.

Singer went on to say, “The show is geared to enhance the personal lives of couples and singles. We encourage everyone looking to learn about things that they may have been afraid to ask in the past to come out and join us for our tenth year of everything to do with sex.”

Renowned sex educators from across Canada and the U.S. will be on hand to answer all your questions on a variety of subjects from the taboo to the scientific. Topics like Pleasurable Anal Sex, Strap On Fun and

For additional information on the entertainment line-up and stage schedule, visit:

The Everything To Do With Sex Show runs from Friday, November 20 to Sunday, November 22 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place in Toronto. Show hours are 3 p.m. to midnight on November 20th, 11 a.m. to midnight on November 21st and 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. November 22nd.

Additional information on The Everything To Do With Sex Show is available at:

The Everything To Do With Sex Show Fact Sheet


The tenth annual Everything To Do With Sex Show, Canada’s sexiest consumer show launches Friday, November 20 through Sunday, November 22. Over 150 exhibitors will cover the sprawling 119,000 square foot Direct Energy Centre. Admittance to Toronto’s most interactive consumer show is restricted to 19 and over.

This Everything To Do With Sex Show draws in curious adults who want to explore their sexuality. The show covers every topic from romantic dinners to sexual bondage. Best of all, the show presents sex, and everything to do with it, in a fun, non-threatening environment that appeals to couples and singles alike It’s your chance to be entertained, inspired and educated whether you’re 19 or 99.

Show highlights include:

Main Stage show’s providing unmatched entertainment, Aradia Fitness Pole Dance Competition, Coquette Lingerie Fashion Shows, Game Show Erotica, and a Cirque show that will blow your mind.
Sex is in the spotlight with almost 30 seminars taking place throughout the three-day period. For a complete listing of seminars, visit: (linked to last year)
Live body casting with Peter Labelle. Your chance to turn your body into a work of art.
Body Art by renowned body painter Ark Angel
Come see stunning models showcase exhibitor merchandise during the Fashion Show Exotica.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is The Everything to do with Sex show designed for?

Everyone! Well, almost everyone. The Everything To Do With Sex Show offers visitors a wide-angle lens into the world of products and services designed to improve your sex life. The show’s assortment of displays, seminars and products is so vast, offering something for singles or couples of every sexual orientation, fetish, age or gender. Naturally, admittance is restricted to those over the age of 19.

2. I’m not into bondage or kinky sex. What will the show offer for me?

That’s a question we often get. The Everything To Do With Sex Show is a fun, relaxed and non-threatening event, which allows visitors the opportunity to explore all aspects of sex, including the more mild and modest. More tame exhibitions, displays and demos include seminars on Two Simple Ways to Keep the Spark Alive and Answers to Questions You Couldn’t Ask Your Mother.

Exhibitors offer the newest products and hottest trends in their industries. Products range from the hottest new sex toys, lingerie and leather fashions and sensual fragrances, to fine foods, beauty products (hair extensions, tanning), health spa, and many other products and services to make your lives more enjoyable.

3. My partner is more modest than I am. How do I get them to the show?

Tell your partner that the overriding goal of the show is to put visitors at ease by offering exhibitions and seminars in a way that is fun, relaxed and non-threatening. Whatever your area of interest, we’ll have it for you at The Everything To Do With Sex Show.

4. Is this a good place to meet people?

The event is a great place to meet like-minded people in a very open environment. With all that’s going on at the show it’s hard not to have a good time and be in great spirits. So come with an opened mind, a ready smile, and enjoy the special atmosphere one can only find at the show.

5. How many exhibitors does the festival attract?

The Everything To Do With Sex Show attracted 150 exhibitors last year.

6. How many visitors attended the show?

In 2008, more than people 50,000 attended the three-day event.


Midori Acclaimed writer and lecturer on a wide range of sexual topics, she has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and vast indispensable experience as a pioneering San Francisco sex educator. She is known for her humanistic, humorous and warm classes that help people to spice their sex lives and encourage self discovery and personal growth. Author of bestselling books "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" and "Wild Side Sex". Born in Japan and raised in a feminist intellectual Tokyo household, she served in the US Army while earning her psychology degree from University of California, Berkeley. Numerous years as a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information combined with her curiosity and explorations into the sex-positivity movement to complete the dynamic blend of experiences that give her breadth and depth of knowledge in human erotic expression. Visit her site: or learn more about her projects at

Cory Silverberg
Cory Silverberg is an AASECT certified sexuality educator, author, and a founding member of Come As You Are. He is also the Sexuality Guide for, a New York Times website with over 32 million visitors each month. Cory was the supervising researcher for SexTV and for Talk Sex with Sue Johanson.

Reese Jones
Reese runs Come As You Are's educational outreach programs, conducting workshops throughout the city and across Ontario on positive sexuality, sexual assertiveness, the art of flirting, and sex toys.

Carlyle Jansen: Good For Her
Founder of Good For Her and has been conducting workshops for over ten years to thousands of people. She has made several television appearances including Discovery Channel’s “Sex Files”, The Life Networks “Health on the Line”, as well as several documentaries. She is also a proud mother of two.

Carrie Gray: Aslan Leather
Owner of Aslan Leather is passionate about bringing the joys of strap on sex and kinky fun to all. For over decade Carrie has led numerous seminars and play shops on strap on sex, communications desire, flogging and all that is kink. With warm guidance and humour Carrie encourages participants to explore their desires and rediscover the meaning of play

Dr. Laura Zilney
Dr. Laura Zilney is a clinical sexologist in private practice in Brampton. She is the author of numerous articles and books, has served as an expert for a variety of companies and organizations, and is the resident sex expert for 102.1 The Edge. Dr. Zilney also has a full line of therapeutic sexual aids for sale on her website

Sheri Winston
Sheri Winston CNM, RN, BSN, LMT is a celebrated sexuality educator, nurse, midwife, massage therapist, author, artist and sexual empowerment catalyst with a lively, entertaining style. Founder of the in New York State. She will be book signing her new book at the Good For Her booth.


Sexy Questions, Sexy Answers from a Sexpert
Have a question about your sexual journey? Interested to hear a Sexpert opinion on any topic of sexuality you want to know about with Midori, sex educator will be on hand for an interactive discussion.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

Looking for a different way to improve or expand your sexual experiences and pleasure? If you've ever picked up a self-help book or video and found it lacking, this seminar is for you. Certified sex educator and author Cory Silverberg shares the 10 most common mistakes people make when trying to improve their sex lives and gives you tips and techniques that actually work to enhance your sex life.

The Best Sex of Your Life

The most common suggestion sex educators and therapists offer to change or improve your sex life might surprise you. It's masturbation. Masturbation, or self-love, or solo sex, is the cornerstone to sexual health and pleasure, and if you think you know everything there is to know about it, think again. Reese Jones offers tips and techniques and teaches you how to bring your solo sex know-how into the bedroom with a partner.

GSpots and PSpots: Double Your Pleasure

Get ready to hit the spot. The G Spot and Prostate have long been a mystery to many, but they don't have to be. Good For Her founder Carlyle Jansen provides a step by step guide to finding your erotic buttons. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned G or P-spotter, you’re guaranteed to learn something new to delight you and your partner.

Sizzling Sex Toys

Find the perfect toy for yourself or your partner. Discover what to look for in a toy and how to choose one that’s safe for you and your body. See what’s new and sizzling in the world of sex toys for men, women and couples!

Sensational Oral Sex

Oral sex can be better, hotter and more satisfying that you ever dreamed with these tips and techniques. Covering both cunnilingus and giving head, even seasoned oral sex enthusiasts are guaranteed to learn something new. Be the lover they rave about to their friends!

Kink 101

Do you want to get spanked? Or maybe you want to dominate your partner and have them serve you. Think you’d like integrate more fantasy play into your sex life? Then Kink 101 is for you! Join Carrie Gray of Aslan Leather for a tour into the world of erotic sensation play. Pick up tips on basic kinky toys and how to use them. Discover how to safely translate sexual desires from fantasy to reality by exploring role-playing, bondage play, spanking and communicating consent.

Strap on Fun

Ever thought of using a strap on, looking for a new way to express your sexuality and a new kind of orgasm? The Strap on Fun may be for you? Strap on dildo harnesses add an exciting new twist to your sex play, they can also open the door to new fantasies, increase communication between sex partners and dramatically prolong penetrative sex. Come out for tips on positions, role play, toys, harnesses and how to get off while giving your partner the ultimate strap on sex experience.

Pleasurable Anal Sex

Interested in expanding your sexual repertoire, but a little afraid? Anal sex can be a great addition to a couple's sex play and can be very pleasurable. Come join Dr. Sex and learn the ins and outs of pain free anal sex.

Masturbating with Your Lover
Not a dirty little secret anymore! Masturbation is good for you - and your relationship. Come and learn some techniques for incorporating masturbation into your sexual relationships and let the fun begin.

Women’s Secret Anatomy of Arousal

You probably don’t know what you’re missing because the whole truth of women’s genital anatomy is incomplete and misunderstood, even by professionals! Discover the largely unknown Female Erectile Network, the interconnected structures responsible for arousal and orgasm. This invaluable information will transform your sex life -- because knowing what’s really there will enable you to reach your full pleasure potential (or help your partner do so). Empowered sexuality, easier arousal, orgasmic abundance, female ejaculation – all this and more awaits you!

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