Monday, March 1, 2010

Pedestrian, Vehicle or Cyclist?

I had this weird situation with one of the army of police officers down at Dundas Square last night. I was biking home and decided to take this route to catch some of the festivities. As I was stopped at the lights on Yonge heading south, people were crossing every which way and police were directing cars through breaks. I started to ride on, when I was grabbed from behind and questioned by an officer - choose one, are you a pedestrian or a vehicle? I answered neither, then the other officers allowed traffic to go through the red light and by blocking the pedestrians to allow vehicles through. The one officer questioning me said, okay you're free to go now. So was I wrong with wanting to ride across the rode with the mass of pedestrians, or should I have waited for the police to allow vehicles through? Was I considered a pedestrian, vehicle, or cyclist and who's rules do I follow in this type of situation?

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