Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not In My Backyard - Moscow Suggests "Sexual Minority" Events To Be Held In Berlin

The Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow, Alexander Muzykantsk, has suggested that Russian gays and lesbians should hold gay Pride marches in Germany, instead of their own country.

In a published interview he stated, “I'm not ready to support the parade of sexual minorities in Moscow." Instead he suggested they could hold them in Berlin. “In recent years Berlin has become de facto the world capital of sexual minorities", he continued. "There are friendly relations between the mayors of Moscow and Berlin, so why not sign an agreement in which the representatives of sexual minorities in Moscow will hold their parade in Berlin with the support of the city?”, he concluded.

Past marches in Moscow have been marred by protests and violence, so it appears this is Muzykantsk's rationale behind this odd suggestion. Just how the citzens of Moscow would particpate in "their" Pride festival remains to be addressed. Perhaps increased tolerance and education for some of the citizens, the police forces and government would make for a better strategy. Voice your opinion and help eliminate hatred.

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